Past Speakers

Last Name First Name Title of Talk
Andrew Sr. Joseph Heroic Women
Andrew Sr. Joseph The Feminine Authority in the Church
Sr. Joseph
Grain that is Not Spread, Rots. Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
Augustine Sr. Thomas Inspiring Authentic Christian Womanhood
Bellet Marie Ordinary Time (ballads about motherhood) from Marie’s 3 CDs
Benedicta Sr. Teresa Vibrant Love: Proclaiming the Hope Within You*
Bratton Heidi Learning to Take Frenzy out of Your Day by Being Present to God
Brown Cindy The Formative Power of Music: The Connection Between Music , your Virtues and your Sins.
Brown Fr. Dennis Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
Browne Fr. Ron The Cardinal Virtues
Browne Msgr. Ronald Msgr. Ronald Browne, MARRIAGE: WHAT is it AND WHY is it SO Important??
Burdick Sr. Sarah Praying with St. Francis de Sales
Calloway Fr. Don Preaching the Gospel without Compromise*
Carey Ann The Church and the Sisters: What Is Really Happening?
Cohen Richard Straight Talk about Homosexualilty
Cullen John Sacred Gardens: Beauty Ever Ancient, Ever New
Cumbley Constance E. The New Age Movement
Cvetkovich, MD Lorna STDs and Contraception*
Daw Fr. Victor Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me
de Souza Raymond What is 'Good' and 'Evil'? Who decides?
DelPup Mary The Importance of Feminine Values
Dominic O.P. Sr. John The Fast Track to Holiness
"Living a Virtuous Life"
Dowling, MD Catherine Growth and Witness in Convictions of Truth
Dudley Mary Life Stories (Ros vs. Wade)
Eich David Devotions to Our Lady*
Fastiggi, PhD Robert L. Mary and the Economy of Divine Compassion
Fastiggi, PhD Robert L. Reflections on Pope Francis and the Petrine Ministry
Fastiggi, PhDRobert L.

The Meaning of Fatima after 100 years

Fastiggi, PhDRobert L.
Devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Fedoryka, PhD Damian Love as a Gift Received
Fleming, MD Phillip Embracing Natural Family Planning
Fride Fr. Ed Come Holy Spirit
Gavrilides Paco Be Not Afraid…Take Mary as Your Mother!
Gavrilides Paco How to Evangelize your Family
Gavrilides Paco Evangelizing our Children; a Labor of Love
Gavrilides Inez & Paco The Richness We Find in the Poverty of Christ
Gavrilides Inez Lift Up Your Hearts
Glenn Gary Pornography in Schools and Libraries*
Guarendi, PhD Ray Standing Strong as a Parent*
Hammond Colleen Dressing with Dignity*
Healy, PhD Mary Can We Trust the New Testament?
Healy, PhD Mary Faith Comes from Hearing the Word of God
Hedges Fr. John Mary, Model of Virtue
Hedges Fr. John Mary, Dogmas and Devotions from Scripture and Private Revelation
Hedges Fr. John The Holy Mass – (explained)
Hedges Fr. John The Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy
Hedges Fr. John The Children of Fatima
Hedges Fr. John He who Trusts in My Mercy Will Not Perish
Hedges Fr. John I am the Immaculate Conception
Hedges Fr. John Mary our Life, our Sweetness and our Hope
Herbeck Debbie Conversation for Moms and Daughters about What Really Matters
Herbeck Debbie Total Transformation in Christ
HerbeckDebbieMission Possible: Helping our Daughters Find True Freedom
HerbeckDebbie 'Come, Daughters of Mary' , Love Lessons from Our Mother.
HerbeckDebbie'Identity Crisis! Helping Our Daughters Know Their Worth'
Herbeck Peter Generational Healing
Herbeck Peter If Not You, Then Who? Practical Help in Sharing Your Faith
Jones Fr. Daniel The Mystery of the Divine Charity (Mysterium Caritatis)
Koenigsknecht Fr. Todd How do we pass on the faith to our children and grandchildren?
Kratz Fr. Alex Our Hope for a Civilization of Love; Catholic Evangelization
Kresta Al The World’s Debt to the Catholic Church
Kresta Al Christ's School of Suffering
Kresta Al How to be a Good Witness of Our Faith
Kuhn Jeanne The Art of Seeing*
LaCroix John Seed of the Woman*
Latkovic, PhD Mark The Christian Family and Contemporary American Culture
Linden Fr. John Mary - the Perfect Complement to the Divine Bridegroom
Lockwood Mary He Forgives!!!
Long Mother Assumpta Holy Eucharist and the Saints
Luedtke Fr. Ben The Prophecy of Simeon
Luedtke Fr. Ben Woman: A Light for the World!
Luedtke Fr. Ben Hungry Souls, Purgatory Explained
Luedtke Fr. Ben Healing the Wounds of the Heart
Luedtke Fr. Ben The Devotion to the Sacred Heart and the New Evangelization
Madey Fr. Louis Trust in God's Mercy*
Manney Susan The Quiet Voice of Love (post abortion)
Martin, S.T.D Ralph Catholic Life Today: Vision of John Paul II
Martin, S.T.D. Ralph The Fulfillment of All Desire: Union with God
Martin, S.T.D. Ralph There’s More: Persevering on the Spiritual Journey
Martin, S.T.D.RalphLiving as a Catholic in Challenging Times
Mary Sr. John The Catholic Single Life*
Mateja Fr. Steve Elevator to Heaven: The Simple Sanctity of St. Therese of Lisieux
McClelland Karen The Catholic Single Life*
McClelland Karen Bringing the Faith Home
McClellandKaren Feasting and Fasting Throughout the Church Year
McClellandKarenFeasting and Fasting Throughout the Church Year
McMillan, PhD Donald Sex and the Internet, What Families Need to Know
Miller, PhD Monica The Pro-Choice Catholic: Putting an End to the Great Lie
Miller, PhD Monica The Dignity and Vocation of Woman (Mulieris Dignitatem)
Miller, PhD Monica The Twelve Ways to Instantly Improve the Novus Ordo Mass
Miller, PHD Monica The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church
Minter Sr. Marilyn Cultivating a Culture of Vocations
Monaghan Tom My Life Story
Monahan Jeanne God’s Plan for Human Love: The Theology of the Body*
Moss Sr. Rosalind God's Will for the Family and How to Live It
Muise, Esq. Robert Fighting for Faith and Freedom: the Courtroom Battle for America's Soul
Nash Tom Suffering for the Kingdom’s Sake: A Reflection on Mother Angelica
NashTom'What Did Jesus Do?: The Biblical Roots
of the Catholic Church'
Neugebauer Mark The Jewish Background of Catholicism
Njus Fr. Jeff A New Heart in the New Year
Njus Fr. Jeff Are We the People Who Nourish Great Hope and Possess Great Courage?
Nortz, ORC. Fr. Basil The Angels and Spiritual Combat
Orsi Fr. Michael P. Catholic Church’s Teachings on End of Life Decisions
Pearce Joseph Conversion and Inspiration*
Perrone Fr. Eduard Theological and Cardinal Virtues
Perrone Fr. Eduard The Fascinating Mystery of Being a Priest
Peter, J.C.D Dr. Edwards Ask the Canon Lawyer
Przedwiecki Fr. D. Just Follow Your Conscience?*
Ray Steve The Gospels: Trustworthy Treasures
Ray Steve St. Peter: the Rock, the Keys, the Chair
Ray Steve Greatest Figures in Salvation History
Ray Steve Why I Love Being Catholic!
Riccardo Fr. John Marriage and Family
Riccardo Fr. John Is there a Distinctive Feminine Genius?
Riccardo Fr. John You are a Daughter of the King!
Riccardo Fr. John The Spiritual Life of a Family
Riccardo Fr. John Truth Will Set Us Free
Riccardo Fr. John Living with Joy in a Fallen World
Russell, PhD Henry Creating Coherent Catholic Culture in the Home
Rutherford Fr. Mark The New Evangelization of John Paul II
Sheehy Nicole The Catholic Single Life
Shields Sr. Ann Joy in the Cross
Shields Sr. Ann 2002: A Counterattack for 9/11
Shields Sr. Ann Why Forgive?
Shields Sr. Ann Stop, Look and Listen
Shields Sr. Ann About Face in the Rat Race
Shields Sr. Ann His Mercy Endures Forever
Shields Sr. Ann God's Plan and What Awaits Those Who are Faithful to Him
Sr. Ann
The Joy of the Gospel: Repentance and Conversion
Skurnowicz Barbara Educate Before You Vaccinate*
Smith PhD Janet The Family as a Path to Holiness
Smith, PhD Janet The Family Under Siege
Smith, PhD Janet Life Issues, Medical Choices
Smith, PhDJanet
Overcoming Dissent Through Genuine,
Transforming Love
Stefanowicz Dawn Out from Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting
SteinCanon MichaelHow to Make your Marriage Happy & Holy
Straub Fr. Pablo The Eucharist
Sutton Dr. Phillip Homosexuality: The Challenge and Hope for All Christians
Tarnacki Kathy God Writes Straight With Crooked Lines
Thomas Fr. Bill The Precepts of the Church*
Tokarski, PhD Fr. Gregory St. Faustina's School of Trust*
Tomeo Teresa Media and Morality
Tomeo Teresa  (and Deacon Dom Pastore) Intimate Graces
van Schaijik Katie Womanly Self-respect and its Modern Counterfeits
von Hildebrand, PhD Alice The Role of Women
Ward Patti Life Stories (Roe vs. Wade)*
Wong Alicia Crushing the Serpent of Death (Abortion)
Zeno Katrina J. Parenting, Chastity and True Love

* CD not available